Custom Frame Services

How to Find Reliable Custom Frame Services

Whether you’re looking to frame a breathtaking painting or have an already existing frame that needs refurbishing, making use of custom frame services is just what you need to help bring your artworks to life.

The Benefits of Custom Framing

Although framing artwork or other treasured pieces provide protection and practicality, some impressive benefits come along with the process. Here’s why we suggest you frame your valuables:

  • The most significant advantage to framing items is the protection it provides. By framing your valuable art and covering it with glass or Perspex, you help protect it from any potential damage caused by external factors. These factors include dust, temperatures, UV rays and humidity levels, which can prove disastrous for your precious pieces.
  • Besides the effective protection that frames provide, they make for a tasteful addition to the piece’s overall look if done correctly. A frame can either complement or detract from your artwork, depending on which one you choose. For this reason, custom frames are an ideal way to compliment whatever you wish to protect without creating a distraction through contrast or colour.
  • Another benefit to framing is that it’s not limited to expensive artworks or qualifications you want to hang in your office. You can frame various items you’ve never thought of before, including sports jerseys, books, fishing rods or antique weaponry.
  • Custom framing can show off your cherished works of art while providing the necessary protection for longevity.
Custom Frame Services Canberra

Tips Regarding Custom Framing

We know that the frame applied to your artwork or other unique items is just as important as the art itself. These are some reasons we suggest you choose a reputable company that offers custom framing services:

Custom Framing Canberra
  • You may be tempted to create and attach your own homemade frame to your prized piece however our philosophy is frame it right the first time . We are trusted professionals with over 30 years to ensure the right machines and materials are used to protect your frame so it can last a lifetime.
  • Versatility is essential when choosing a custom framer for your needs, since you may need various items framed. Our services aren’t limited to artwork, with a range of framing options for items including prints and jerseys. We also provide refurbishing, printing and engraving for your convenience.
  • We offer all these services without the hefty price tag you may expect from a reputable framing company. Our quality services won’t break the bank, giving you the frame of your dreams comfortably.

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